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The Power of an Artisan

by Maison Editor

I met Steva Sawa, owner of Sawa Sushi in Sunnyvale, California back in August 2013.

I hadn’t visited his restaurant since 2003. Yet, he kept eyeballing me like he knew me.

Before I share my inspiring tale with you reader, you should know more about Steve. Steve’s restaurant
is rated highly in Michelin and Zagat. The food is Japanese. Not American fusionized japanese but real Japanese.

While I was sitting at the counter waiting for my dinner date, Steve corrected my description of Japanese beer and told me there
is no menu. Steve went to work with his knife cutting and slicing behind the counter.

My date arrived dressed in what she called a modern toga. My first word was “whoa”. My next words were “Life is good’.

An hour passed and my date had already finished more than half the sake bottle on her own. The 4 other guests were in their corner enjoying the food and quiet Japanese conversation. I wanted to impress my date by making conversation with Steve. I thought i could impress her by showing that I was “connected”. This is important since my date was a foodie.

Steve listened to my questions and after a minute of my rambling, he told me to “Shut up. Eat. Drink.”

My date laughed. My reaction was to think “This guy has a lot of balls to talk to me like that!”. The next dish was served and then I learned why Steve was a ballsy guy.

I’m not a foodie so I can’t describe the dish in a colorful way. All I can say is that it was fish with a sauce on it.

I forked a piece and chewed it. It was unbelievably good! I told Steve” This is so good that it made me forget how beautiful my date is.” Steve looked at me then looked at my date and laughed. “That’s a good one.” Steve said.

You see, when a person produces something beautiful and memorable and he continuously does it, he is a true artisan in his field. A craftsman who knows his work speaks for itself so that he doesn’t have to listen to fools speak.

A final note. My beautiful toga-wearing date broke off all communication with me due to my comment that the food was better than her.  Oh well, this is the risk of being exposed to artisan work.



by mamaspice

When movie costumes are so good they are the ones telling the story, the stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame shine a little brighter (or so the legend goes).

These are the looks we fell in love with, in 2013.

#1 This is what’s so Great, in Gatsby.



#2 Blue Jasmine, even morestunning in Red.


#3 Good things happen to those who American Hustle.



Do you prefer watching in color, black and white, or sequins?


Pre Fall-Picks: Fashion Week 2014

by Maison Editor

The Pre-Fall shows are making their way through the Winter, and here are a few of our favorites so far!
















by mamaspice

photo (1)

Maison Ariani introduces :The Hugger”

This past weekend, Maison Ariani’s Opera Collection made its debut at the Italian Christmas Market in San Francisco.
Both the creative and the sales team were there to to introduce the fabulous handbags to the public.
You must know that our purses are a little bit like our babies. As proud parents we couldn’t wait to see what the people thought. Just like it happens when introducing a newborn, there was a lot of hugging, a lot of smelling and a lot of cooing (yes, we are still talking about the purses). Every customer told a story. Here are my favorites:

The lady, that after a close inspection of the bauletto put in on her arm and wouldn’t even let us wrap it for her.
The special daughter that received from her 88 year old mother a gift that said you are worth it.

The young man that distracted his girl and sneaked back in like James Bond, to get her a secret birthday present. If you think this is romantic wait till I tell you that the guy wasn’t really trying to impress his girlfriend, but that the woman was indeed his wife (you should have seen our faces when we found out, especially the married one of us).

It was great talking to all of you, share a little bit of our story, and knowing you walked home with a one of a kind piece.

Take care of our babies. They were made with love. As it should.

Passion Forward.


photo photo (2)


by mamaspice


This coming weekend,December 7th and 8th, if you happen to be in San Francisco, come and meet Maison Ariani‘s team at Mercato di Natale (Italian Christmas Market).

The Museo Italo-Americano at Fort Mason (Building C), will host an incredible display of products and gift ideas all made in Italy, or by talented Italian Artisans.

We will preview two of our beautiful leather creations. Touch and feel what our handbags are made of. It is OK to hug.

Hear the history of how these handbags came to life directly from Maison Ariani’s creative directors,Alessandra Cassar and Barbara D’Aloisio (Sugar & Spice).

There will be food and entertainment for the children as well.

If our purses don’t make you feel better there is a stand that sells fantastic homemade Nutella (better than Prozac!).

Every visitor will receive a $250 gift card toward a purchase in our new collection.

We hope to see you there,



by mamaspice

Picture 31

In the picture the one and only Miss Piggy. Image by Andy Moore.

Once a very famous celebrity said:
“ I find it vital to have at least one handbag for each of the ten types of social occasion:
Very formal, Not so Formal, Just a teensy bit formal, Informal but not that informal, Every Day, Every other day, Travel, Night Travel, Theatre and Fling”
That celebrity was (did you guess?) Miss Piggy.

Do those situations cover it all? Pretty much.

Formal. You have been invited to a Royal Wedding/ you are accepting the Nobel Prize. Your purse should be one of a kind, like you.
Not so Formal you have been invited to a wedding in Hollywood (alas nobody royal)/ you made Sports Illustrated cover/ you are getting a Daytime Emmy. Your purse should carry nothing but attitude (and cash).
Just a teensy bit Formal You are the key witness in a big televised trial/ you are the plaintiff in a big televised trial (either way, your bag should be by your side).
Informal but not that informal You are meeting your mother in law ( in other word, don’t let your guard, or your purse, down).
Every Day Career, kids, relationships; give a woman the right purse, and she will handle anything.
Every Other Day Whole Foods; Black Friday; you’ve got this.
Travel Your purse should rescue you from a 14 hours flight with four kids without working monitors. If it doesn’t, burn after landing.
Night Travel Be a caterpillar by day and a butterfly by night. Your purse should give you wings.
Theatre Life is no dress rehearsal.All eyes on you.
Fling Did you know that Louis Vuitton’s marvelous bucket-shaped bag was designed to carry five bottles of champagne?
Get the idea?

When the occasions arise, we need to rise to the occasion.
The right purse can certainly help. Way to go Miss Piggy!


by mamaspice

photo-12 (1)

The timeless Maison Ariani Bauletto and vintage silk kimono.


We all know what Slow Food means.

Take a little test to see if you are ready to join the next slug revolution. Here are the signs that you are well on your way to embrace the Slow Fashion Movement.

  • You revere your clothes as the last of the immortal.
  • You have skirts that reached great lengths to accompany you throughout your scholastic career.
  • You know your kid’s first back pack is also going to be their last.
  • You have always had a wonderful wardrobe (which also happened to be your sister’s and your cousins before you,or after).
  • You are convinced that every time there’s waste,a fairy dies.
  • The family tailor or the trusted cobbler rank at the top of the influential people in your life.
  • You invest in beautiful objects like many invest in the stock market.(Contrary to them,yours is never a gamble)
  • Your closet is a time capsule that can make any fashion paleontologist drool.(If ashes from a volcano were to cover it overnight, fashion history could be reconstructed accurately for posterity)
  • Your purses,even when empty,are packed with memories.
  • You believe fashion works in cycles.(Even the eighties came back,against everybody’s better judgement)

I took the test to see if I had the requirement to enter the slow fashion movement. As it turns out, I was already feet deep in it!

And now are you ready to pledge with me: “No to McFashion, yes to SlowFashion”?


Front Row Favorites : Fashion Week SS14

by Maison Editor

The Shows, the Parties, the Designers….fashion week showcases the new trends and designs for the season.

But you should always keep an eye on the front row, as they are equally as exciting to study.

Here are a few of our favorites from this season’s front row.


Ulyana Sergeenko at Marni


Sienna Miller at Burberry Prorsum


Giovanna Battaglia at Alexander Wang




by mamaspice


Maison Ariani’s ‘Butterfly’ bag


My name is Mamaspice and I am a Soccer Mom.

I have shin guards coming out of my pockets.

I enjoy picnics on the sidelines.

I cheer at the wrong time, for the wrong people.

I miss the best actions, but I am on top of gossip.

During carpool with the team, I make them ride with their feet outside the window.

Turf is my catwalk.

Till now, there has been nothing fashionable about soccer. But that is about to change.

Take a look at Prada’s collection for Milano’s Fashion Week.

Do the socks come with shin guards?

(I have spare anyways)



Prada, Milan 2013

Trending: Sleek and Chic at Milan Fashion Week

by Maison Editor



LUX_0494.450x675Costume National

MARC0108.450x675Jil Sander


Salvatore Ferragamo




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