by mamaspice


Two weeks ago I set to read Revenge wears Prada, sequel to the popular The Devil wears Prada. I have a confession to make, I never did read the first book. If you think I missed a Classic Masterpiece I will have to take your word for it. The Devil’s return, masterpiece was not. If it made an impact, it was because I thought I was in hell the whole time I was reading.

Upon conclusion, I still don’t know what the book was about.

It might help to know what the book was NOT about:

Revenge, the Devil or Prada.

Since the title was misleading, I would like to help and pick a better one.

Here’s a list of  possible titles:

#1 Crackers and Whine (lots of whining, not so many crackers)

#2 First world problems (Find them all, in one book. I don’t know how they    could fit, but they do. I will spare you)

#3 The Devil’s new clothes (Where some people see a story, others don’t)

#4 If you are reading this, it’s too late!

#5 There’s something about Prada (Unfortunately, not in this book)

As of today, Mamaspice has reviewed quite a few books, and written NONE.

Just in case you were wondering.